The Florida Courts Opioids & Stimulants RESPONSE (FCOSR - formerly the Florida Courts Opioid Initiative) is a statewide judicial branch response to Florida’s opioid and stimulants crises, involving both statewide and circuit-specific efforts. The initiative, as coordinated through the Office of the State Courts Administrator, focuses on enhanced awareness and effective ways to address these dual epidemics, especially through actions of the problem-solving courts and family courts. In late 2020, the initiative was expanded to include stimulants (such as Meth and Cocaine).
e-Learning Goals
The FCOSR e-Learning modules and other resources included on this site aim to increase the participants’ knowledge about opioids, stimulants, their effects, and treatment options. The modules offer a variety of interactive games and quizzes, animations, and videos. Other timely resources are also provided to assist and engage judges, court staff, and stakeholders.
e-Learning Portal
The eLearning platform is designed to provide multimedia education for participants and interactive advanced trend analysis for OSCA. The Participant Portal allows participants to access educational videos, take quizzes, play educational games, and track personal progress in learning. Access is also provided to a library of downloadable documents, websites, event replays, and other online resources related to the opioid and stimulant crises.
Our approach to e-Learning
The FCOSR platform includes four educational modules that are meant to expand participant knowledge of:
  • Opioid effects on the brain and body
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) options and benefits
  • Myths and misconceptions about MAT
  • Uses, effects, and treatment involving Stimulants

Animated videos present the main concepts, with puzzles and games that reinforce taught material. Pre-quizzes capture current understanding of the subjects, post-quizzes assess information recall and changes in behavioral intentions and attitudes towards featured subject matter. Each module is accompanied by one or more short videos with experts on the subject.

The resource library is search-able by subject and includes reports, articles, other publications, and websites on a range of topics. This part of the portal also allows posting of resources by participants. The FCOSR will be adding still other resources on an ongoing basis.

In addition, the portal has been expanded to include on-demand recordings of live FCOSR web events with state and national experts, along with continuing education credentialling records and the ability to download certificates of completion.

About the Technology

The eLearning technology platform is licensed from Enfoglobe LLC for use in delivery of “active learning” experiences and other support resources.

Technical Support

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