About FCOI
The Florida Courts Opioid Initiative is a statewide judicial branch response to Florida’s opioid crisis, involving both statewide and circuit specific efforts. The initiative focuses on awareness and effective ways to address opioid use disorder in the court system. It is guided by circuit teams comprised of judges and participant who champion the initiative by developing specialized knowledge regarding opioids and medication assisted treatment.
e-Learning Goals
The Florida Courts Opioid Initiative e-Learning modules aim to increase the participants knowledge on the effects opioids have on the body and effective medication assisted treatment strategies for opioid use disorder. These modules offer a variety of interactive quizzes, animations, and videos, as well as cutting edge information and resources to assist and engage judges, court staff, and stakeholders in the field.
e-Learning Portal
Florida Courts Opioids Initiative eLearning platform is designed to provide multimedia education for Participants and interactive advanced trend analysis for OSCA Staff. eLearning platform is licensed from Enfoglobe LLC. The Participant portal allows participants to track completion of educational modules, take quizzes, play educational games and animations plus view graphic presentation of their results. Participants also have access to online resources and documents related to opioids crisis and treatment options and benefits. The OSCA Staff can perform detailed trend analysis across Judicial Circuits, Counties, User Roles, and Court Types using interactive analysis.
Our approach to e-Learning
Florida Courts Opioids Initiative platform includes three educational modules that are meant to expand participant knowledge of:
  • Opioids effect on body
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) options and benefits
  • Myths and misconceptions about MAT
The platform includes short animated videos, interactive quizzes, puzzles, games and video interviews with field experts. Animated videos present the main concept, puzzles and games that reinforce taught material. Pre-quizzes capture current understanding of the subject, post-quizzes assess information recall and changes in behavioral intentions and attitudes towards substance use disorders and evidence-based treatment methods.

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Technical Support

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